Are delayed customer payments slowing down your business?

Cash flow, or more precisely, poor cash flow, can be hugely detrimental to businesses. Often a result of late paying customers or long invoice terms, business owners are left strapped for cash scrambling to try and make ends meet. For most, funding options are limited, and business doesn’t stop...

3 Ways Fintech Can Boost Your Business

Financial technology, or fintech, is drastically changing how we live and how we do business. As the founder of a fintech company, I see first-hand every day how financial technology is improving the lives of business owners and giving them a competitive edge. Fintech enables wide ranging benefits...

Cutting the wrong corners

When cash flow comes under pressure, many businesse owners look to cut spend wherever possible to help weather the storm. The problem, however, is if you start making cuts in the wrong areas you’ll find yourself out of business even quicker than if you hadn’t.

5 reasons you should Consider government as a customer

Many businesses consider working with government to grow and build a sustainable revenue base. However, a large number also shy away from tendering for these contracts because they are unsure the government will engage with them.

Plugging the holes

Running a business can be a time-consuming occupation, and once all of the daily minutiae is under control it can leave little time to worry about managing cash flow properly, let alone optimising it.

Picking the right accountant

Hiring the right accountant can be a difficult task. While having one is absolutely essential to sustaining the health of any growing business, it’s crucial that their values and goals are aligned with yours as a business owner, and that the relationship you develop is one that proffers the best...

Is your business ready to grow?

I think the vast majority of business owners would agree that their most common shared goal is to grow their business. Whether this is on a very large national or international scale, or a smaller, local scale, the aim is to achieve growth nonetheless. In saying this however, it is crucial that...

Australia's Late Payment Culture

According to the latest research data from Illion, Australia’s late payments are at a historic low, with an average of 10.4 days late. This means that, at the best we’ve ever been, Australian businesses are still receiving their payments almost 11 days overdue. And that’s on top of their already...

5 Reasons improving your cash flow is worth a another look

I’m sure, as a business owner, you hear all the time about the importance of cash flow. About how cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. About how much better your world would be if you had “more cash flow”. If you had “better cash flow”. If you “optimised your cash flow”.