Playing in the Majors

  If you’re a wholesaler or manufacturer, landing a deal supplying a major retailer can potentially mean your business is reaching a new level. However, if not properly prepared for, this opportunity it can break your business. The often dramatic increase in demand for your products or services can...


  Peel back the layers and it’s simply about culture. Kenneth Hayne’s royal commission report into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry clearly states the interests of Australian customers have been sacrificed for short-term profits. The underlying culture of...

Why Cash flow Is Your Lifeline

  Cash is the only life and death issue for your business. There are many important things in your business to worry about – people, products, service – but these are all important because they impact cash. It doesn’t matter how much money might be coming in the future if you don’t have enough to...

The rise of socially responsible investing

Corporate social responsibility has long been held as a priority for many businesses and business owners across Australia. The social and environmental consequences of business decision-making should be held as equally important as the economic consequences, right?

Introducing the New-Look Timelio

Much has happened at Timelio over the last four years! Starting from the home office in Bayside Melbourne, to a Series A funded business located at the Paris end of Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD. Founded by Charlotte and Andrew Petris in 2014 with a vision to create an online marketplace that...

Preparing For The Christmas Chaos

With Christmas only a few short weeks away, we here at Timelio are offering Australian businesses the peace of mind they need to be well prepared and fully funded before the merry madness begins.

Optimise Working Capital Part 2

Optimising Working Capital In the first part of this article, we established the two kinds of companies looking to optimise working capital, and looked at the preparation process for developing and implementing an effective, long-term shift in your organisation’s cash flow culture.

Optimise Working Capital Part 1

Optimising Working Capital There are two types of organisations that look to free up cash flow and optimise their working capital.

Why make the switch to cloud accounting?

Why make the switch to cloud accounting? What is the cloud? “The cloud” is one of those tech-y terms people tend to throw around but can’t clearly define. But what is it? And how can it be a benefit to your business? The cloud is made up of a network of servers, each serving a different function,...