My First Week at Timelio

July 05, 2017


My names' Kate and I recently joined Timelio in the Operations team, working with Tom and Sarah. It’s quite strange to be working in the city because I’ve previously been living and working in country Victoria. From my previous work on an RAAF Base, it’s completely different working on Level 39, 55 Collins Street, and I'm enjoying the great views from all around the building.

Timelio has been so welcoming to me this past week, and I already feel like I’ve been a part of the team for a while. I think that the fast paced nature of start-ups, technology and the financial industry makes the job a lot more action-packed, and accelerates the speed of your on the job training. It was fantastic to start getting into the job this week and make an actionable impact as part of the Operations team. Now looking back on my first week, I really can’t believe just how much I learnt about Timelio, the industry and my particular job. I’m enjoying the fast paced environment and the practical training method, which suits me perfectly. 

During the week I kept some notes on what I was getting up to…needless to say, every day was unique (but always involved coffee)! Here are some of the highlights from my first week at Timelio:

DAY 1 

I started the day at 9 am, and after surviving the bustle of Parliament Station, I went for a coffee meeting with Sarah and Tom (the other members of the Operations team) to discuss my initial steps for the day. It's convenient having all these great coffee shops just downstairs! 

After getting back to the office, I had a long chat with Charlotte (CEO), about all things Timelio, business and life. The afternoon was spent getting myself set up on all of Timelio's accounts and platforms, which involved a lot of Slack messages to Scott (CTO).

DAY 2 

Wow, another action packed day! I had my first team meeting, which included the remote team members (over Skype) which was interesting. The tech team all work remotely, so it was a good chance to 'meet them' and hear about everything happening on the automation and development side of the company. It's amazing to see what can be automated nowadays with the right technology and brains behind it!


DAY 3 

I spent some time inputting accounts onto the developer testing platform so that the incoming platform could be tested. We were advised later on that there was a potential new seller-debtor relationship, so I was tasked to do some research into the company. 

It was interesting to do some digging around to find the most useful and relevant information, which I then shared with other team members so they could discuss the risk level of the company. I finished off the day learning how to process investor payments on the platform and cross check data, to make sure everything was accounted for.

DAY 4 & 5 

I can’t forget to mention the team lunch we had on Thursday at Trunk Diner on Exhibition St, which was a fantastic chance to meet the Timelio team while enjoying a tasty quesadilla. We also were treated to office massages, which was a great way to wind down and relax after a hectic learning filled week. Coincidentally I started on the week of EOFY, so I got to join in the floor drinks held on Friday afternoon which was a great experience.

I’m looking forward to growing into my role at Timelio, and trying more of the fantastic food around the area!