5 Things I've Learnt Working at Timelio

September 18, 2017

 5 things ive learnt.png

It's hard to believe that I've been working at Timelio for 3 months now. It only feels like yesterday that I was nervously awaiting my first day of work, and worrying about whether I would be able fit in and adapt to working at a FinTech startup. Luckily I've quickly adapted to working with the Timelio team, and have been welcomed into the company with open arms.

Since I wrote about my experiences during my first week at Timelio back in July, I thought I'd provide a bit of an update about what's happened since then, and the top 5 things that I've learnt during that time.

1. If it's taking a long time to do in Excel, you're probably doing it the hard way.

When I started at Timelio I had a basic working level of Excel (let's just be honest here) and I was working things out in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, which my managers found amusing. Luckily for me the Timelio team is pretty good at working their magic in Excel, and quickly taught me the tricks of the trade. The key lesson learnt from this is that if it's taking you a long time to do on Excel, there's probably a much quicker and easier way to do it.

2. Your manager can be pretty awesome

From my previous work in a larger corporation that had a strong hierarchical structure in place, I found it very different but enjoyable joining into Timelio's smaller and flatter organisational structure. I found both of my managers to be experienced and interesting people, who have really engaged with me and helped to develop my skills at Timelio. Working in a startup gives you the opportunity to connect with everyone on your team, and get to know what drives and motivates them. I'm really grateful that I've had this opportunity to meet such awesome people at Timelio.

3. Relationships are built on the Foosball table

What you might not know is that Timelio has many Foosball fanatics hiding out in our Melbourne office. The matches often consist of Andrew (Investors), Charlotte (CEO), Adam (Investments) and myself battling it out to win a free coffee in some strange bet Andrew and Adam have negotiated. Needless to say I've found Foosball to be a great energy and productivity lifter when I get to that mid-afternoon slump. I think one of the secret side effects of playing Foosball in the office, is that it helps build relationships within the team, and encourages open communication and teamwork within all levels of the company.

4. Communication is the key to great customer relationships

Working at Timelio has definitely reinforced the importance of good communication with your customers. It's an area I'm still learning about, but you can definitely make their busy lives so much easier by being honest and open with them. In a customer focused business it is so important to listen and openly communicate with your customer, and that has been a key focus within the Timelio team.

5. Working at a startup is a fantastic way to kickstart your career

I've only been at Timelio for three months now and I've learnt a phenomenal amount about operations, customer service, finance and startups. In a startup you gain exposure to all areas of the business, and are often helping out in other sections of the company. It's a great way to expand your skill set, and gain exposure to all facets of how the business operates. I've been able to watch our marketing team pull together new graphics for Xerocon, learn about how an investment fund works and gain exposure to supply chain finance.

I'm looking forward to many more jam-packed months working and learning as part of the Timelio team, and am excited to see where we're headed next. If you have any questions about working at Timelio, and what we're all about, feel free to contact me at kcampbell@timelio.com.au